Shhhh! A Secret Sneak Peak of my new Collections!

Can you keep a secret? 
EEK! I hope so because here we go!!
I am SO excited to launch my casual line, and I CAN'T WAIT to show you my new patterns... No really, I mean I can't wait so I am showing you the designs of my newest patterns and the inspiration behind them now! 
Here we gooooo!!!!!
You Make Me Blush
You know those moments! We all remember them! From that first night I
spoke to him on the phone, he made me blush. That tingling sensation that
flows from your cheeks. Those flattering words make it hard to breathe.
Hiking up a Colorado mountain on a spring day is like a piece of heaven!
A Walk in the Park
My friend Lester and I go for walks in the morning around Central Park. One
morning we sat down on a bench and next to us were these beautiful
blooming hydrangea bushes. While we were sitting there I noticed the
dappling of the light that softly faded some of the colors, and I wanted to
capture that peaceful moment in this piece.
Birds of a Feather
I grew up with these beautiful and bold colored society finches and loved
hearing them chit chatting. I fell in love with the way they interacted
together in large groups. Vibrant foliage married with the subtle hints of
yellow give you a collection that is full of life!
Field of Wildflowers
I am a free spirit and if comparing myself to a flower, I would most likely be a wildflower! Untamed. Constantly seeking the sun and the warmth from the rays. Still living beneath the snow on a cold day and waiting for the spring rain to come and wash it away. In a field of wildflowers you will always find me!
He Loves Me...
He loves me he loves me not, like a fairytale, a flower petal represents
love. But of course, He loves me, how could he not? I knew he loved me.
I felt it when he looked deep into my eyes.
These will all be going on casual dinnerware sets. We'll have the whole thing-- plates, platters, bowls you name it!
Okay... so that's not ALL of them, but I wanted to show you some of my favorites! What do you think? Any favorites? :-)
XOXO - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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