Signs That You Are Already In LOVE...When Being Hit On REALLY Ticks You Off

OK so I have my favorite hotels in various cities that I love to stay in.  When you are traveling a lot it just helps to feel like you have established a community even though you are away from home.  
The only issue with this is that there are others that do the same and when they start seeing you often they think that maybe just maybe there is an option to have a late night drink...but guess what there ISN'T! 
So the last time I was in NYC I was getting into the hotel late from a launch party.  I had my purse on my shoulder and a large box in my hands and in that box was a small box that was slightly open and had my business cards in it and the one on top had my cell phone written on it :(
I get in the elevator and a guy runs in...we will call him Peter...this is actually his real name (Hi Peter).  Peter says HEY I haven't seen you today been out shopping.  Spoiler...although I may have huge aspirations of going shopping I RARELY do because I am too focused on growing my company and believe it or not it isn't a 9-5 or even a 8-8 lol. So as we push floor 4 for him and floor 7 for me I tell him no its been a long but good day working.  He grabs my card out of the box and starts talking about his day.  I am not going to lie...I wasn't listening at all...I'm exhausted.  Get to the 4th floor and he isn't leaving so I move my body to hold the door open for him.  Alarm is now going off because he wont stop talking.  My only thoughts are I am way too exhausted to put up with this right now.  So get back in and get to the 7th.  He tries to come out with me and I said I think you are on the wrong floor.  To which he replies no let me help you to your room.  LOL!  UMMMMM do I look like a damsel in distress ...NOPE :)  I said it a little different but it was enough to get him back in the elevator.  
The guy still thinks he has a chance and texts me before I even make it to my room.  With a picture of himself saying HEY just in case you forgot what I look like here is a picture of me why don't you come downstairs so I can buy you a drink. REALLY!!!???  OK if I hadn't given him the hint yet surely no response will...Wake up the next morning to 4 text messages.  The first had a emoji of flowers asking when I will be back and the second text was asking me to send him picture of myself...Oh the words that come to my head and none are good. 
I have this ability to pick up crazy men anywhere I go.  Just ask Rebekah...she doesn't let me travel abroad alone... It is a talent that I wish would go away but until then at least I have these awesome stories of super clingy and aggressive men to hang on to :) 
Please tell me I am not alone!?  
xoxo Darbie   

Darbie Angell

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