Summer Skirts!

Skirts are SO underrated. 

I mean really! They are flowy, they show off your legs, and they're just flat out flattering! Not to mention, skirts are a thousand times more comfortable than skinny jeans. Why don't we wear them more often? 

Okay. Summer resolution: Wear more skirts! 

Skirts can turn the ordinary to extraordinary. Don't believe me? Here's some pics from my Pinterest Summer Style Board to prove it! 




Imagine walking across town in that on a breezy day! 



So sweet!



Love that pop of color!



Gotta love maxi skirts!



That detail is ON POINT!



Wow! This one is flat out GORGEOUS. LOVE IT!



Send me your favorite skirts!


           XOXO - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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