Summer Time Grapefruit

I was at a photoshoot for Martha Stewart once, and she asked if I've ever had a boiled grapefruit before. I had no idea what that was until she told me about it and COMPLETELY changed the grapefruit game for me forever.
It is super easy to make and now I am sharing with y'all how to make a beautiful delicious boiled grapefruit!
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What you need:
- Texas Grapefruit
- 1/3 cup Brown Sugar
-  Teaspoon of Cinnamon
- Optional, sprinkle sea salt
-  Coffee on the side for energy ;)
- Preheat broiler
- Cut grapefruits in halves
- Add ingredients on top of the grapefruit until the halves are completely covered.
- Place halves on a baking sheet
- Broil for 7-10 minutes until golden brown, it may vary depending on your oven.
Add a bit of spice on top and TADAA!!!!
You have a beautiful broiled grapefruit.
They're perfect for a healthy afternoon snack and even a beautiful table display for friends and family!
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Darbie Angell

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