Take Me Away to DOHA (every day)! Talking About Balancing Myself Out During Stressful Moments:-)

OK not going to lie guys... my days are slightly insane... like from the time my eyes open to the time my eyes think about closing I may (ok I am) be running 100 mph and I wouldn't have it any other way :-) 

AND... even though I wouldn't trade any of those days I do have a way that I balance those stressful moments out and I do it by a picture of Doha I have saved to my lock screen of my phone of a sunset moment (aka moment of peace) in my life. When I feel overwhelmed I touch my screen, see the picture and it automatically puts me back to a state of meditation.  



SO on the topic of mediation... I try guys.. I really do... to mediate every morning.  When I started it was always on my patio with my cup of coffee (strong, black, thick coffee) and I was so frustrated with myself for not being able to mediate but for more than like 4 seconds at a time.  True Story :-) THEN I thought to myself... possibly... just possibly its my coffee that is killing this.  TERRIBLE thought because I basically have the mug in my hand from the moment my feet hit the ground until Rebekah asks have you had water during lunch.  

Anyways, so I am at the point now where I go to this place in my mind and I've trained myself to go to a certain moment of peace that I experienced.  I would recommend just thinking about a time that you felt the most weightless, free and joyful in your life and then find a picture that represents that to you. 



I have found that when I am trying to meet a deadline or negotiate a deal I tap my phone and go to that place and it balances me out automatically.  

I hope you can find your sunset moment that will take you away!!!!



Darbie Angell

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