The Missing Ingredient From Your Cheese Spread...(Spread...Not Board)

I had a friend over last week and we had wine but I didn't have my cheeses out...her response was but I was so excited because I thought you would have them out for me again.  So keep this as a warning because it will be loved!

So one of the first things that we love is CHOCOLATE!  Why not put it with your cheese spread?! There are several chocolates that I like.  Green and Black's as well as anything from Max Brenner! 

One thing that I think people naturally go to is wine for their cheese spread but I love offering different drinks so that people can mix it up a bit!  Offer coffee, wine and dessert liquors. 

This is my favorite piece of the whole spread!  The Honeycomb :)  Promise it will dress any table up!


The best thing about the whole spread is that it is a prepped beforehand so I can mingle and talk with my guests!

Send us pictures of your spreads!!

xoxo Darbie 


Darbie Angell

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