Top 5 Favorite Halloween Candies


OMG! Halloween is almost here!!!

One of the many holidays where everyone gets an excuse to overeat. It’s finally time to go out and buy that Wonder Woman costume you’ve always wanted to wear (and let's face it everyone has wanted to dress up a superhero one way or another).

My personal favorite part about Halloween is seeing my kids faces when we go trick or treating and they come home with lots of candy! ... And of course eating some after they go to bed ;-)

Here is a list of my personal favorite candies to eat on and after Halloween night


1. Twizzlers 



2. Reese's’  Peanut Butter Cups



3. Skittles



4. m&m’s



5. Hershey’s Chocolate



In case you can't tell, I REALLY like chocolates ;-)



Darbie Angell

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