Top Places I Want To Travel To

Top Places I Want to Travel to

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and any chance that I can find free time to explore across the world, I buy a plane ticket without even thinking twice about it! 

Here is a list of 10 of the places that I have been DYING to go to or back to, and well planning on hitting them all by the end of this year!!


Top 10 Places I Want to Travel to:

1. Fiji

I mean look at that photo- who doesn't want to drop EVERYTHING they are          doing right now to get on a plane to lay by this beautiful beach water?! 

2. Grenada

This Caribbean destination is covered in colorful houses that were built in the early 18th century and is surrounded by many smaller islands... sounds like an sight to see!!

3. Morocco

This place is known to have such a beautiful array of colors anywhere you look and also the sounds of urban orchestras follow you everywhere you go!

4. Italy

I mean.... who doesn't have this on their bucket list to go to someday? There are so many touristy things and places to do here, I would need a whole month to check off all the must do adventures here! I'm holding July open for this :-)

5. The Bahamas

I love the Bahamas and any chance to go back I am so onboard!! An adventure I am itching to do here is riding a horse on this beautiful beach!

6. Bali

So many adventures to have in Bali but perhaps the part I am looking forward to the most is just relaxing in the hammock by the water!

7. The Grand Cayman Islands

An intern I have right now went here last summer and has only the greatest things to say about it! She says that if she could, she would live here.... She says not only is it the most beautiful place she has ever been, but also the culture is incredible and every local you run into is so kind and welcoming! Sounds like my kind of place :-) 

8. Barcelona

The list that I have going that I have been wanting to do with my girls here is never ending... I mean if you look at this photo, the night life looks AMAZING!!

9. Santorini

I mean anywhere in Greece is basically on my list of where I want to travel, but my eye has especially been on Santorini! The white villages has been something I think I have pinned on my Pinterest maybe a few too many times ;-)

10. Tahiti

All I have to say about Tahiti is.... Get me in this little hut ASAP!! 


Now that I have done even more research on each of these locations, I am itching to get there even more! As I am attempting to plan my family vacation, I will definitely be looking at any of these places that have a beach & a beautiful sunset! :-)


What are some of your favorite places to travel to? Or what is on your list as places that you would like to travel to soon?



Darbie Angell

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