Valentines At Home Dinner Recipes!!!

At Home Dinner Recipes for Valentines that the both of y'all with LOVE!!

If you are trying to be extra romantic or maybe trying to save a little money on valentines day with your man and you need some killer and cute valentines dinner recipes then... GIRL I am here to help!!!!!

Its always hard to think of cute ways to incorporate hearts into dinners just to make the night a little extra special but I FOUND SOME GOOD ONES YALL!!!! These all look SOOO yummy and I am now considering canceling my dinner reservation to stay home and cook these for my man!!!


We will see if he is down for that... but in the mean time here are some DELICIOUS recipes for you to plan for that special night ;-)


The YUMMIEST Valentines Recipes:

Steak with heart shaped shrimp:


Heart Shaped Calzones:


French Bread Pizza with Hearts:


Roasted Heart Potatoes:


Now that you have some awesome ideas, I guarantee you that your man will be IMPRESSED with you and your creativity and that it will even taste good too!!!


Enjoy my friends :-)




Darbie Angell

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