Walk it out!!!!

Walking is one of my favorite things to do! Whether I'm walking the streets of New York, Bangladesh, or my home neighborhood, it just brings me this peaces!


I don't just walk for my waistline (although it does help!), there are SO many reasons I do it!!!


First, walking is the PERFECT way to see and truly experience any city. You get to see so much more of the culture by winding its streets, interacting with the people, and seeing all the local shops that you might not otherwise notice!

Anytime I travel, I don't make plans or book tours. I walk around the destination and just talk to people. Travel is BEST experienced by truly LIVING like the locals do... Last time I went to Nepal, I just met someone at the airport and asked him if he would take my team and me around to explore... AND HE DID! We got to see life from his perspective, and even have a home cooked meal from his family. How AWESOME is that??!!!!?!?


But anyway. Back to walking... LOL!

It keeps my mind clear. Running a business can be stressful sometimes. That's why I always take time to just walk outside! It gives me a moment to clear my head and enjoy the fresh air before heading in to take on the next meeting.

A centered sense of peace is SO important to getting things done!!!


Lastly, it makes me feel SO much happier!!! Whenever things get stressful at the office, I tell my team to get up, because we're going for a walk. We will just walk around the neighborhood and talk out whatever is on our minds. And somehow, things seem so much less daunting that way. We all come back refreshed and ready for the rest of the day!! 




Hope this inspires you to take more walks... It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!



Darbie Angell

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