When life gives you lemons... Put them on the table!!!!

Y'all it is HOT out there. I mean I brought my computer outside to work in the sun, and from the time it took me to walk outside, across my porch and to sit down in a chair somehow my computer got so hot that once I set it down and started typing, the keys BURNED my fingers. 
... Yes you heard right! That happened. Gotta love Texas!!!
But summer isn't all bad here! It's prime lemonade season, and when it's cooler in the evenings we can still enjoy a glass or two outside :-)
Until then... I'll be sipping up on lemonade mixed with prosecco inside where the AC is! 
I've been setting out my uncut lemons on the table before I use them just to keep a little taste of summer inside. :-)
Once I saw how cute it looked, I went a little crazy with the drinks and decor... So I figured why stop now?
Totally obsessed with the lemonade-prosecco!
Sipping on to summer!!

Darbie Angell

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