When You Can't Adult Correctly...Find a Blo Near You!

OK somedays I feel like I can conquer anything you throw my way. Its fun to try and create magic...but then there are those days that I shouldn't be allowed to be in control of ANYTHING and I mean down to even doing my own hair! 

After taking early morning flights that force me to rise and shine at 2 am so I can make it for early afternoon mtgs in the city I have found a place that I frequent so often they think I live in NYC.  BLO in Chelsea is amazing guys!!!  I am able to go in after I land - get a blow out and while all of this is happening I reconnect on email and conference calls.  WHERE have you been my whole life!!!!!  

If you go in tell Ruth I sent you her way :) She is really slow....but just trust the process ladies!  lol 

xoxo Darbie 


Darbie Angell

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