Which China Pattern to Register for Based on Your Personality


There's a china pattern for EVERY personality. Browse these new designs for your match, something pretty enough for tea with your fanciest friends—and "you" enough for the years of dinners-for-two to come.


For the Modernist

Graphic and Gilded Designs

What's black and white and cool all over? These sleek, artful patterns. The mix of strong lines and delicate gold accents makes a confident statement, like a chic black dress (or a polka-dotted one!) with the perfect piece of jewelry. The Monaco 24K Gold is for you! 



For the Romantic...

Nature Motifs and Gold Details

These intricate floral designs with deep rose-colored accents have a traditional elegance. And while they skew formal, they're far from fussy. These are especially fitting for spring and summer celebrations but will make a table bloom with beauty at any time of year. Darbie's Rose add the perfect touch of romance to any table. 



The Entertainer

Mix-and-Match Solids

Shoutout to my girls who can't contain their love of fashion and hostessing! You love to decorate and make things festive and welcoming, so it makes sense that you stick to a base solid that you can dress up and down with seasonal accent plates! I recommend starting with a color that matches your kitchen and your style so that everything you'd choose to give your events that extra oomf will coordinate swimmingly. Potter's Wheel has so many colors to choose from that you can easily mix-and-match!

The Minimalist

Simple Prints and Pastel Designs

For my clean cut no-BS kind of hosts, you can't go wrong with prints that vibe with simplicity and pastels. No matter what kind of a meal you're preparing, from sushi to an Italian feast, your clean-cut tableware will reflect your style gracefully. You and the Carrara collection are the perfect match! 

Hope this is helpful in your registry! Let me know if you have a totally different style and I'll play dinnerware match-maker with you :-)

Darbie Angell

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