Okay, so if you've ever met me, you'll know about my coffee addiction. It's a R E A L thing :-) 

Well I mean, it's pretty normal to drink two, three... six cups of coffee a day, right? Okay, maybe six is pushing it. 

But anyway, I've been thinking about coffee a lot, and I was wondering if maybe there are any health benefits from it. I decided to do some research, and it turns out, coffee really is GOOD for you!!! 

Maybe I'm just writing this to make myself feel better, but hey! Facts are facts, these are from real studies!


So here's what I found on why Coffee is good for you:


1. Coffee improves Physical Performance

So caffeine increases adrenaline levels, and makes your muscles do their stuff better! That's an awesome exercise motivation! I'm pumped! 



2. It can Cut Muscle Pain by 40%!

Okay, so drink coffee BEFORE your workout to have a better workout, then drink AFTER to cut muscle pain! Maybe I'm not drinking enough coffee? 



3. Reduces Risk of Type II Diabetes

Studies have found that people who drink coffee have a 23-50% lower rate of getting Type II Diabetes. So you're kind of protecting your health, right? Sign me up! 




4. Reduces Risk of Some Cancers

Wow! Again, this is some good stuff! Sooo if I drink coffee to protect my health, doesn't that kind of make it a long term investment? I'm down for that!



5. Strengthens DNA

Okay, I'm not a bio person, but this sounds pretty good to me. People who drink at least four cups of coffee a day have stronger DNA. Coffee reduces DNA strand breakage in white blood cells. I'm still not 100% following that, but hey! That's good news still!!!



6. Coffee Drinkers Are Less Likely to Get Heart Disease

So if you drink 3-5 cups a day, you're less likely to get heart disease. I heart that! ;) 




7. Coffee Prevents Depression

Studies found that women who drink coffee are 20% less likely to suffer from depression. Mood booster, and life booster! 




8. It's Fiber Friendly!

One cup of coffee has about 1.8 grams of fiber. So that means I can sub out veggies for coffee, right? Okay maybe that's a bit of a stretch...



9. Coffee has Antioxidants!

I guess you can say I'm on a constant detox then! This stuff is great! Really!



10. Coffee May Lengthen Your Life! 

Wow! Long term coffee drinkers have a 30% lower risk of death. Sign me up!! Life life to the fullest! Empty that cup!!! 


Is it bad that my hands are shaking from drinking too much coffee while I'm typing this? 

Well, at least I'm doing a few good things for my body!


Drink up! 



XOXO - Darbie



Darbie Angell

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