Why Dehydration might be Holding Back Your Everyday!

You know those people who seem to function off of only caffeine with a glass of wine in the evening???


... Guilty! That's me!!


I've known these were bad habits but I didn't realize exactly HOW bad these habits were until a friend of mine confronted me about why I kept finding myself less reactive and mentally drained. But now it makes sense!!! 

These silly little headaches that you don't think much of, but that can slow you down tremendously after weeks of "5 minute coffee breaks" can be solved!!!!

It's your hydration levels that can really help or harm your everyday!


So I started doing research on what exactly dehydration can do to you and y'all.... It's scary!!!


Dehydration can make you hotter... and not the good kind!

In Texas, we understand this perfectly well. 

These hot Summer days may seem unbearable, but they can actually feel worse if you're not taking in enough water! EEEEK!!! All these 105+ days can feel like 115 or even higher just because we're not staying hydrated enough.

If you're going outside for an extended amount of time, it's best to drink in excess the day before you plan on going outside. Hydration starts at LEAST 12 hours before you start any intensive activity. 


Your brain functioning abilities rely on your hydration

Even a small decrease in hydration levels can effect your head A LOT more than you think. Think of all those moments you experienced brain fog and had no idea why!

Now you know that sipping up can help you to fight those little moments, so you stop putting your granola wrappers on your dresser and your phone in the trash!!!!


You need water to preserve your youth!

Forget the beauty sleep, drinking enough water can actually help your skin to stay youthful and fresh looking. 

Alsooooo you GET that extra guac on your Chipolte girl! Healthy fats can help you to maintain that hydration in your skin. I'm scrapping the calorie cutting and swapping out for a skincare diet!!!!

Bring on the dark chocolate!!!!!



Water prevents crankiness

Do you ever wonder why you're in a bad mood even when everything is going well??? That's another thing that can be brought on by dehydration! 

Parts of your brain actually shrink when you're below a certain water level. Yep!!! That's terrifying!!

But understandably, that's not gonna make you feel good. That's why you're prone to headaches, crabby mornings, and general bad vibes. Sip up, ladies!!!


It's an anti-detox!!!!

EEEEK! Never realized this. Simply drinking enough water can be a detox for your digestive system. You need to keep yourself hydrated to keep things flowing normally. Being dehydrated can actually slow things down and contribute to build-ups that you do NOT want to deal with.

I LOVE doing infusions, it makes my drinks look beautiful, and the mild fruity flavors make me want to drink EVEN MORE!!! Not to mention, a lemon and mint infusion is a triple detox. Who can complain with that???



SOOOOO this is all making me REALLY want to stay on top of my hydration... Even if that means cutting myself off after one americano and moving to more soft cocktails... 

Luckily, my girl Marnie Rae has shared some KILLER soft cocktail recipes... LOVE her stuff! She's all about finding delicious non-alcoholic drinks that are elegant and sophisticated. Check out her guest post on my blog for her Blueberry-vanilla spritzer!!! YUMMM!!


Another thing I have been doing is keeping a hydration bottle within arms reach of myself all day. Let's be honest... if it wasn't just sitting there, I would totally forget. I sip between calls, anytime I am on hold, or when I am waiting for my emails to boot up... (That can take a while if you've ever seen my inbox!)




Hope this helps you to live your best life!!! It's the little things that bring the biggest change :-)






Darbie Angell

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