Why We Strive to Be BOLD

The first time I went to Bangladesh, I saw more heart wrenching scenes than I could have ever imagined - poverty, affliction, discrimination, death... 

It would have been much easier to simply pass by and try and block the sights from my memory. But I couldn't... because in the midst of it all, I saw something else-

Women. Beautiful and capable women.

I decided then that I wanted to have our factory right there in Bangladesh and that I wanted to work with those women to give them the reigns for their own lives.

For years now, we have been helping give women in underdeveloped countries a voice by using them to create our products. And, we've built schools in our factories so that their children can learn and dream B I G for their futures too!

We were able to accomplish all of this, because we didn't run away from the "scary"... we ran toward it. We ran toward those that needed a voice and a platform to speak their own. We ran toward the afflicted and the discriminated against. We ran toward empowering women around the world, because we could!! We've been blessed with a voice, and it is our job to use it!! 

Here, we believe in living life differently. We believe in living life B O L D. 


XOXO Darbie

Darbie Angell

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