Why You need to be IMPATIENT!

Patience is a virtue... but so is impatience!


There are many things in life that require patience... That being said... There's NEVER a reason to wait on your dreams. 


That's right. You need to be impatient to kickstart your future! There's never a "perfect moment" that will roll around. Life is crazy. You're a strong individual who juggles SO many different things and it may feel like you need to wait for things to calm down before you act, but I want you to know that you CAN take on more. Don't wait!!!!


Think of your MOST stressful moment... Then think of your most stressful moment before that moment happened. Then before that too... 

Just when you thought that you couldn't take anymore, you fought and you made it through that moment and on top of it, you got STRONGER. Girl. You're kind of killing it. 

Every time you get to that point of feeling that you can't take on anymore, you still pushed through. You are so much stronger than you are aware of that it's not even funny. 


So... Why wait for that perfect time? Why not BEGIN despite the current stress? In time, that temporary stress will fade away and all that will remain is the memories you've saved and the growth you earned. 

This is why there is absolutely NO reason to wait. Life is short. A year spent putting off your dreams is one year less of LIVING that dream. You're just as capable of making it happen now as you will be in three years. 


Trust me on this, once you start, you'll NEVER want to look back. 


It's all in your hands... Will you rise now? Or will you bank on tomorrow?



Get it girl.


XOXO Darbie


Darbie Angell

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