Will You Rise?

When the world tells you that you can't, but your heart says you must, who will you listen to?

When when you fall on your journey towards your dreams, do you turn back?

When you seek change in the world, do you wait for someone else to make your vision happen, or do you rise to the occasion, and make your vision clear for all to see? 


To those adventurers, entrepreneurs, and wild dreamers, I tell you YOU CAN make it happen! After the initial jump when you leave your comfort zone for the driver's seat of your own life, you'll find that you can never imagine going back. You've taken the reigns, and come hardships and mistakes, you'll realize somewhere along the journey that you have no regrets.


Beginning my journey was never going to be easy. Not many people have started a business with no connections and zero funding. Even fewer can say they did this in the hospital while on bed rest. 



And it wasn't easy.

But I have zero regrets.


Not only have I taken control over my life, but I have also been blessed with the opportunity to impact the lives of others around the world. 

Somehow through this journey, I continuously find myself "beginning" many new endeavors. I never seem to run out of firsts!


I'll never forget my first time in Bangladesh. Entering the train for the first time gave me jitters. The ride through the impoverished countryside sent shivers down my spine. The worst feeling was knowing that the unimaginable sights I saw on my short ride... are simply the norm here. 



That's where I found myself taking another first. I couldn't sit at the sidelines while so many people suffered every day here. And the way women were being treated... Let's just say, that would NEVER fly here.

So, I pushed. 

I wanted what was RIGHT for these incredibly strong women and girls. I stopped at nothing to get the women out of their homes, and into a working environment so that they would be respected more and would be empowered by gaining power over their finances.



Now we stand 3,000 strong. 3,000 women workers, artisans, and supervisors in underdeveloped countries. 

That's progress!!!

Needless to say, this never came easily. When I began, I had no idea any of this would happen. The future was a complete mystery to me. 


But none of it would have happened if I never started.



So again I ask, will you rise? Will you take the first step towards your vision? Will you stand up for your dreams?

I am urging you, from one woman to another, that YOU and YOU ALONE can do this. This wild journey is yours for the taking.

And it's absolutely worth it, because YOU are absolutely worth it.

To the heros of tomorrow...



Darbie Angell

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