Woman-built Empires: Kelli B!

I cant wait to introduce you to my KELLI B! 

OMG... OK so our story began on a Spring day 5 years ago... on a magical little site called LinkedIn.

After our first call it was like I had found a long lost sister and it turned into a dreaming, scheming traveling sister from another mister!

I have to brag on her...

Guys besides being drop dead gorgeous... she has worked for Nate Burkus, Martha Stewart where she won an EMMY, Katie Couric, Early Show and Steve Harvey... there is actually a LOT more... FIT ... if you read her Resume you would think it was fake!!!

She is the greatest Art Director in the TV industry but even more than that she is the most amazing friend a girl could have ever hoped to get from LinkedIn! 


We have been through so many changes in our lives together and I feel so blessed to have her in my life. There are countless layovers and canceled flights that we have talked for a few hours.........but it was REALLY important things....

I am so blessed to have someone that I know will always push me to be stronger. Love you Kelli!!!

Darbie Angell

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