Woman Crush Wednesday-Meet My Jessica Robertson!

It's Woman Crush Wednesday guys and I cant wait to introduce you to my Jessica Robertson! I met Jess in a meeting of all places and fell in love with her heart and drive!
The next day we were talking gross profit margins and how to make make the business lean and from there we've been inseparable. She is such a strong woman that has paved her own way and she's smiled the whole way through it!
I am SO stinking proud of this girl! Her Calvary line is killing it and I wish I could tell you all that she is working on but you will see soon enough!!! The best part of being this stunning girls friend is that she pushes me in my faith. Before we do anything we pray and to know you have someone praying over you on stressful days is a AMZN!
I am so blessed by you @jessicaduckwife 

Can't wait to see you in ATX!!!! #WomanCrushWednesday #WCW

Darbie Angell

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