My first time on QVC!!!


I recently went on QVC, to sell my bakeware, and got a peek behind the curtain of the most successful 24-hour shopping network in the world ($7.8 billion in annual sales). Guys I seriously feel a bit like I have been admitted to a private club of Immediate Gratification and I don’t ever want to go back to holding meetings at Starbucks. SERIOUSLY... I'm addicted...

What does the Immediate Gratification club look like? Like this: I was on live TV 3 times ranging from 10-25 minutes, with two amazing women named Mary DeAngelis and Rachel Boesing who pitched my product like it was their own baby, while people phoned in to purchase our bakeware. Then I exited the set, joined Rebekah in front of a monitor in the Green Room and watched as a ticker tallied how many units were sold, the total revenue we made and what the dollar per minute ratio was. We did well! Certainly better than any one day of sales in November when I was NOT on TV.  The ability to see results immediately felt like going from 35mm film to Instagram.

The amount of work that goes into being on QVC is considerable and they have created an amazing formula for success. They take thousands of CEOs and hired reps each year and turn them into TV ready “Guests” (not to be confused with the “Hosts” who do the actual selling). I had no idea how much effort it would take to look natural until we got started on this journey. My story is much different than most... I did however try and break into the fortress for about 2 years... unanswered emails and calls and then one day the VP of QVC called and said he was flying into NYC to meet me.  I honestly thought it would fall apart before the meeting came about.  It didn't, and after meeting he believed in me so much he put me on a faster track to launch than any other company.  Hard work and perseverance... a last minute flight to Bangladesh to push as hard as we could and we made it! QVC stood behind me an allowed me to do things in an unconventional way to get it done and I feel so blessed to have such an amazing partner to stand beside. 

As the manufacturing was taking place I also had to pass through a vendor training day. Only a portion of the trainees got selected to go on air and I was like a giddy school girl when I got a hug at the end of the class welcoming me into the family as I saw others receiving bad news... Ok I forced the hug... He actually said no-one had ever hugged him when he passed them.  Strange...

Then with just a week to complete my camera-ready makeover, I began searching for the perfect outfits for each segment. There is so much to look at when going on camera and then you add being in the kitchen to the mix as well and it is HARD ladies!!!   


The experience of going on air was thrilling! It was also over way too fast. After a blur of amped up conversation with my host, she was off to sell Copper cookware. I have to admit I was a bit sad to leave her.  Mary is not only a host that I was paired with for the day she had become a great friend.  I wish I could have stayed and helped sell more although I would have been the awkward one umping up and down as she sold more. It was fun and an incredible privilege to get the chance to reach an audience of 100 million households and stare down live national humiliation to boot. 

So the best way I can describe being in front of the camera and knowing that millions were about to watch my every move.... It was like going over the top in a roller coaster ride. Are we having wild fun or are we totally terrified or both? Yes, both. But I can't wait to do it again in January, because now I am hooked on that ticker! 


Darbie Angell