Spring Accessories You NEED!!

Must Have Spring Accessories for 2019!

Y'ALL... I am SO over this winter weather and I am SO excited for all the spring weather to come so that I can get out of this cold funk and into this pretty spring weather!! 


I have been looking up what the must haves are this Spring because I am already so ready to be shopping for some spring clothes and accessories!! The warm weather is what I LIVE FOR!!! EEPP- and the spring colors are just the most beautiful colors to be wearing!


Here are some of the best things to get for this spring that I have already ordered and ready to wear... Kind of thinking no matter what the weather brings I will be wearing some spring colors anyways ;-) 


Statement Shoes:

These Sam Eldelman Khloe Espadrille Flat Shoes are SO cute and are the perfect pop of color this spring! 


Neutral Handbags:

This Gucci Soho Leather Bag... I mean who doesn't love a classic neutral bag that goes with everything in your closet!! 


Hair and Neck Scarves:
This Madewell Silk Bandana Neck Scarf is so cute and so in trend! I am loving these neck scarves that are perfect to add that little sass to your outfit and that will go SO CUTE in your hair in a ponytail!! Buying some of these RIGHT NOW!
I thought that these 3 accessories were something that I NEEDED so badly in my closet this spring to make sure that I am up to trend and also loving what I am wearing!
Use the links in the descriptions of each product to go check it out on Nordstrom's page- that is one of my FAVORITE stores and somewhere that always has the new in style accessories.
Hope this helps you stock up your Spring wardrobe also :-)
Darbie Angell




Darbie Angell